2018 – BREXIT

A question for all Pinpointers is Brexit a problem or an opportunity?

Many years ago, when I worked for P&G, a senior manager from HQ in Cincinnati came and spent a day with me in ‘the field’. Talking about a particularly difficult customer he said to me, “Keith, there’s no such thing as problems. Only opportunities.”

That ‘wound me up’ a bit.  A stupid statement, I thought, that was a typically American hype.  This customer represented about 5% of my business and when launching Head and Shoulders this was a potential problem.  100% distribution of this new, potentially massive product was required.  Getting the right level of stock in would be normal and not mentioned – it was expected. Not getting the right stock in – or no stock in at all – would be noticed.  It would be a void in the district plan.  It would ruffle my feathers and would certainly ruffle the feathers of my immediate manager – and his – and his. In P&G that is not a good thing!

On the whole, I have never given this statement any value.  Problems are there to be overcome and that’s often the job we have to do.

So, let’s look at the question:

“Brexit from a Pinpointer’s point of view.  Problems or opportunities?”

There is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen after 2019.

Until then there are still people struggling with strategy – even if it is beyond 2019. There are still people struggling with cost cutting requirements. There are still people wrestling with getting great ideas to market.  Continuous improvement and quality issues remain. Projects still need to be managed.  Teams still need to be built.   Problems need to be overcome. Life goes on. Managing diversity is still critical.  Engagement – more than just participation  is still critical. Lots and lots of opportunity!!

And then in late 2018 or early 2019, we will know more about what the changes will be, we have another massive opportunity for Pinpointers  - to facilitate the change for our customers’ success in the new markets as well as maintaining the old ones.