About Us

Welcome to Pinpoint Facilitation – this is a One Stop Facilitation ShopSpot!

Facilitation Skills Training – The amazingly successful Pinpoint Technique
Facilitation – we can optimize your meetings and conferences with our skilled facilitator team
Facilitation Equipment Hire – we will deliver and collect as and when you need
Facilitation Equipment Sales – Neuland – the best from Germany

For the last 25 years we have delivered successful meetings for Government, Local Government, Industry both large and small, NGO’s, Charities and many, many independent trainers, coaches and consultants.

Our watchword is ‘engagement’ and this applies to everything Pinpoint does. Issues around diversity, silos, hierarchical blocks or any of the common barriers just fade away. In this digital age, Pinpoint takes things right back to basics, our technique uses pens, paper and boards ensuring an engaging, fluid and creative process – and that is the essence!

Practitioners make it look very simple. Yet Pinpoint processes are very different from standard, normal and current facilitation techniques.  Once learned it’s amazing how quickly your energy gets superseded buy the group’s new and centred energy.