A facilitator arguably holds the most important role in any meeting. They play the role of the mediator; the guide and the stimulator to achieve an achievable conclusion, whilst ensuring all participants have had their say. Good facilitators remain neutral and treat all participants as equals. In this article we are going to highlight the key tasks that a facilitator must complete in any meeting, in order to a guarantee success session. Plan the agenda This is perhaps the most important task in order to achieve a successful outcome in the allotted timeframe. It gives your meeting structure and..
Whether you’re setting work goals, personal goals or a mixture of the two, we are here to help you get the best out of the New Year at work as well as home. January blues have well and truly kicked in but we are here to help you rid yourself of those negative energies. So, we have devised a compact guide to help you stick to and reach your goals, whilst improving morale in the office. SMART goals Ensure your goals are specific - vague goals tend to be forgotten and it can be unclear what you are actually aiming to achieve. Once you have confirmed your goals, make sure they are measurable;..
Facilitation is far more than standing in front of a team of people and tracking their ideas and suggestions on a white board. Meeting facilitation aims to make objectives and aims as clear as possible, draw out ideas from participants, include everyone in the discussion and help to strategise and formulate a plan to reach those objectives.It is an integral part of holding a successful meeting and in this article we are going to highlight and explain the four most important reasons to use Pinpoint Facilitation within your business. To actively involve all members of the groupThere will always..
Knowing which way to drive your marketing can be tough, your team has some really great ideas but it’s difficult to map out how and when to implement them. Using Pinpoint for your marketing helps you visualise both ideas and strategies, this blog gives you a few tips on how to conduct a Pinpoint marketing session.1. Identify your targetsWhat would you like out of your marketing – a greater online profile, more sales, new customers, retention of current customers or maybe even a new product launch or event? Once you’ve done this, make your team fully aware of what you’re trying to work towards2..
It goes without saying that meeting room structure and layout is an essential part of facilitation. It is the first thing participants see when they arrive at the meeting.A good meeting room will firstly eliminate all distractions and interruptions. You want to find a room that is big enough for all participants and that has all of the tools you need to facilitate a successful meeting - in this case, it would be the Pinpoint Facilitation boards, pens and stickers.It will also need to have appropriate lighting arrangements with a good amount of natural light coming through the windows or skylig..
When we say larger groups, we are referring to any meeting or training session with 10 or more participants. Even a group of this size can present new challenges for facilitators and at times, it can prove to be quite problematic. However, we believe as long as you, as the facilitator, are prepared for these challenges to arise and you have completed all of the necessary planning prior to the meeting, it shouldn’t affect the success or productiveness.Problems- The increase in size may result in a slower pace and dip in energy within the group. More ideas and opinions can mean it takes longer t..
At Pinpoint, we understand that for many people the terms ‘facilitation’ and ‘meeting facilitators’ may be new ones, so we thought we would write a brief explainer, taking things right back to basics…Facilitator – what is it?A facilitator, in its simplest term, is somebody who carries out facilitation. This means they help groups of people, usually in a meeting or workshop environment, identify their collective objectives and help them work through how they will reach said objectives. How to become a (good) facilitatorFirstly, if this is a new career choice for you, or perhaps you’ve been appo..
We have previously covered how to hold a productive meeting, and what to avoid, right from the organisation to the follow-up emails. Today however, we are focussing on how small changes within the meeting can achieve improved results and engagement.Here at Pinpoint Facilitation, we want to help you achieve maximum results from your meetings and training, so we have come up with a list of five things that you can implement to instantly advance your staff meetings.1.    TimingGenerally, scheduling meetings on both Fridays and Mondays should be avoided for obvious reasons, suc..
It goes without saying that we’ve all probably consumed far too many mince pies, taken part in too much cheese board activity & gulped down an immense amount of of fizz. But it was Christmas so we were allowed, right?But now January’s arrived and our work clothes are feeling a little snug to say the least. At a guess, probably around 70% of the office have decided to embark on a journey from January 3rd to shed a few pounds so we want to make this difficult journey (yes, avoiding a slice of Rosie’s work birthday cake is difficult!) a little easier.  We’ve decided to write a gui..
Most of us view January as the most miserable month of the year – it’s dark, it’s cold, we have big credit card bills and we are all trying to shed a few pounds after an overindulgent festive period.  At Pinpoint, we don’t believe in January blues because we’ve got the perfect remedy to inject some positivity in the office & boost morale on those miserable January days. 1.    New year resolution support Supporting your employees is important all year round, but especially in January. It’s likely they’ll each have their own personal resolutions to stick by, b..
It’s the end of November and it’s suddenly dawned on you that you haven’t organised a work Christmas party. You enter panic mode and begin calling all possible options, realising that most companies organised theirs over summer! Don’t worry too much, you can still plan a night that everyone will enjoy with the time left before the Christmas break. Here are our top tips and ideas on throwing a Christmas party to remember!1. Book an activity day outThis is a great idea if you really have left it to the last minute and all the evening parties are booked up. Try something like tree trekking or Seg..
Try our brand new AcrylicOne refillable markers, which come in 19 vibrant colours and three different nib sizes.They are brilliant when working with a dark background; they allow colour on colour and provide complete flexibility.We would like to pass on some helpful ideas and key points when using the AcrylicOne pens:                ·      When covering large areas with the AcrylicBigOne, you will need to allow time for the water based acrylic to dry before painting over it  ..
Rewarding staff for good work not only boosts their confidence, it also encourages more of the same attitude. However, sometimes putting a monetary value on their reward seems inappropriate, especially if they’ve done something that could be deemed pricelessOften, people appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into a gift more than its actual monetary value. Here we give you ideas on how you can say a big “thank-you” or “well done” without handing over cash. It’s the small things…It doesn’t always take a grand gesture but doing something very small can have a big effect. Ask their clo..
Most employees view their time as precious – and rightly so. But due to their very nature, meetings will unavoidably take up time, reducing their productivity time. This is why it’s so important to ensure every meeting is effective and counts as a step towards positive change.However positively you start, bad habits can creep back in and meeting structure can quickly become stagnant. Pinpoint wants to prevent this by explaining how to avoid the most common meeting mistakes, which, if left, will severely affect the delivery and success. PREDICTABILITY – not all routine is positiveT..
It’s the end of an extremely busy month. Your employees have two weeks worth of work to fit into two days - and that’s not even including end of month reports. They are stressed, exhausted and communication is limited to sighs and profanities. Without intervention, it’s a formula for disaster. ‘Office morale’ is more complex than employees simply wanting to have ‘fun’. It is something that you should be consistently monitoring because if left to fester, spread and intensify, low morale can have detrimental effects on productivity.Pinpoint is going to reveal the best hands-on ways in which you ..
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