Bad News Is Good News With Pinpoint

Doom & Gloom? Certainly not - it’s about opportunity and progress!

Hard or soft Brexit. NHS issues. Hospital after care. Mental health. Pubs and libraries closing. House prices and availability of social housing. Council tax. Fly tipping and litter. The list goes on. It sounds like Armageddon. 

To answer all of these issues different people have different ideas - ideas that can be sensible, obvious or off the wall. A meeting is called to solve any particular problem. That’s where the problem becomes a nightmare. 

The classic meeting asks for opinions around the table. This is the opportunity for the verbose to take up airtime and so often an idea comes up and it’s discussed. Then onto the next idea ad infinitum… or onto total boredom!

With a good facilitator, the comments can be well recorded (in words or pictures) and referred to as and when needed. However, the process of verbal discussion, recorded or not, is the reason why so many meetings fail – no final decision, no consensus, no real ownership and engagement lost through excessive time and endless chat.

To be successful, a meeting must be managed to suit the working style of all the people sitting at the table. Standard meeting training says, “Get opinions out and recorded. Keep verbose people quiet and make sure the quiet people, the reflectors are brought in through praise and asking them specific questions that they can answer.”

In theory, that sounds good. Yet for the quiet reflector it is not the answer – it’s pressure; possible embarrassment and it can be extremely unnerving. Verbose people work best when free to speak. Let’s look deeper. How many people are at their best sitting down at a table unable to get up and move? How many people revel in detail? How many people can’t cope with too much detail? How many people prefer to see and process things in pictures rather than words?

The answer then, is not to have a classic verbal meeting. They rarely work -and frustration and negativity will inevitably follow. We need another way – and one of those ways is Pinpoint. Have a look at some of our videos, invest in one of our training tapes or better still, give us a call and come and spend two days with us.

The Pinpoint Technique Workshop will change your world!