Training Academy

Training Academy

Pinpoint Facilitation Training Technique

Effective facilitation training for those with experience and for beginners!

Training courses are mainly carried in-house where we are able to be 100% relevant to your business improvement. 9 people per course is the optimum number of delegates. However, for independents and where the numbers can't be met we run, from time to time, open workshops. For details, please call 01300 345611.

This two day workshop will show you ways to make your work - truly engaging, really effective and so much quicker. Beginners will find simple processes to follow. Professionals will find a new method to revitalize what they do and invent new processes.

Trainers and facilitators tend to be working at the front energising and motivating their groups. The old adage says, “A presenter is nearer to an entertainer than a teacher.” Current best practice uses tools that include flip charts, PowerPoint slides, manuals and, in training, a pre-determined content. At Pinpoint we believe that it is the group that should generate the entertainment and, where possible, the content - thus creating better ideas, realistic decisions and results and certainly better learning.

We do this using pinboards, cards and special processes – all designed to keep the group active and involved. The group has full access to the boards all of the time and that is where the discussion happens – visualised as it progresses.

Training AcademyTraining Academy

In this course you will learn how to plan and run a Pinpointed event with a series of sub processes that:

*Get people active and engaged from start to finish
*Use the Pinpoint tools to visualise the discussion/presentation
*Record with photographs the minutes of the meeting or training notes
*Increase memory and stimulate ideas

Training Academy

Training AcademyTraining Academy

Day 1:
Latest concepts about brain activity, personal working and learning styles – how does Pinpoint meet these opportunities?
*A demonstration run through:
Entry Board, Trailer, Card Calls, Measure Board, Voting, Sub groups, Ideas gallery, Action Plan
*Review and feedback
*How Pinpoint reduces and handles conflict
*Learning the theory and practice (using/demonstrating accelerated learning techniques) to plan and run an event

Day 2:
*Review day 1
*Plan your own event
*Deliver your own event
*Final Review of the two days
*Certificates and awards

To book: Phone Carol on 01235 512400
My guarantee: “I promise that if you feel these two days did not give you real value for money I’ll give you a full refund.”

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